`Why the hell would I throw it away?’, Dinu Li, Sheffield Railway Station, 13 January 2008

`I know very well that the first item I would have to save would be this quilt blanket. It’s a blanket that all my siblings have always complained about because it’s really old. I guess many people like to throw away old things and replace them with new things. This is particularly true of Chinese Culture. Every New Year, they want to have a big Spring clean and throw things away; a sort of ritual of regeneration. But I’m kind of a melancholic person. I like to hold onto things and not throw things away. Hence, my house looks like a tip, because I like to just keep everything. And, the thing I have always wanted to keep is this blanket that the rest of the family wants to throw away.

`Why the blanket is so important is that, when we were quite poor, in Hong Kong, I just remember we kept the ends of fabric that was being used to make pyjamas. Basically, my parents worked in an underwear and pyjama factory in Hong Kong. There was a whole period when they were both making pyjamas. They took home all the unused end cuts and they became the patches making up this blanket. I remember we helped them stitch the blanket together. Why the hell would I throw it away?’


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