Monthly Archives: April 2008

Traces, Marks, Skin, Scars, and Memories, Margareta Kern, London Stone, 22 April 2008

`How much does a place define our sense of belonging?’

`By scanning the suitcase like an x-ray machine, I might discover the invisible layers of traces, marks, scars, and memories that have been etched into its skin…’


Empty and Full, Margareta Kern, London Stone, Cannon Street, 22 April 2008

`In a way, I’m only made up of memories, as this continuous moment of now seems to be empty. So, if I am full of memories and empty at the same time, who am I?’

A Momentary Thought Shared between Margareta Kern and John Perivolaris, Londoners, London Stone, Cannon Street, 22 April 2008

In this place where I stand what does it mean to have memories?

London Stone and Margareta Kern’s Suitcase Contents, Cannon Street, 22 April 2008

`If this is the founding stone of London and my identity is so wrapped up with being a Londoner, how do I position myself, my stories, and my journey in relation to it?’

`There is a myth that states that London Stone’s safety is linked to that of the city itself: “So long as the stone of Brutus is safe, so long shall London flourish”.’

`While thinking about the multiple identities I have come to adopt, I was curious to learn about the London Stone. All historical stories are imbued with an aura of myth; so is this one. But, the power of what it can represent remains. The idea of a mark that represets the core of London, a point from which all distances in Britain might be measured, was attractive. I wanted to measure the distance from this core to all the stories that have etched themselves into me.’