In the Soup, 27-28 August 2008

Dear John, 

What a lovely name your mother has!

All the best, 



Dear Parvati, 

It is a nice name but was changed to Mandy, while my father was known as Jimmy and, in my case, Yiannis became John. It was the end of the 1950s and we were all making the effort to stir ourselves into the great North American Melting Pot. 




Dear John, 

Yes, I can well imagine how names might be changed to suit one’s location — my own name gives me endless problems (Pavarotti, Poverty, Pavaaarti, Parbati in Spanish and Barfaati in Arabic, etc!). Things have gotten slightly better since the Harry Potter books came out, as I have a namesake there and more people say my name… though usually wrongly!

Un abrazo, 



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