‘A Nair Lady’ (1928)

From a set of watercolours by Rao Bahadur M. V. Dhurandhar. Part of the personal collection of Professor Frances Pritchett (Columbia University). This and other watercolours from the set may be viewed at: http://tinyurl.com/6dcmgp


3 responses to “‘A Nair Lady’ (1928)

  1. nairs are officially classified as Sudras in the chaturvarnya. However, they enjoyed a much higher position in the kerala society during 15th century to 19th century , contradictory to their classification as sudras.

  2. what is the meaning of the text ” contradictory to their classification as sudras . They are indigenous to Kerala. And the origin is 90% unknown.
    (from where did they came). There customs match not much to the other Hindu communities in Kerala, And the typical marriage system between there’s and namboothiri community is also an unknown fact. Much similarity is seen in between Karnataka’s bunt and shetty communities , and in many other part of India.so can u explain the above facts first or get into your own conclusions as u said above.

  3. Vinaya Panicker

    Traditionally nair ladies worked as servents in rich people families like Panicker, Pillai, Chekavor, Channar etc lower cast like velakkithiri nair used to work as collecting cloths from houses and washing and iorning. upper cast nair ladies under take prostitution work as well this picture may evidenced as the part of prostitution…

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