A mere cursory glance at my passport photo by the police officer before I proceed to baggage reclaim in Paris: all no doubt that’s needed if you have a EU passport… and are white.

As I pulled my rather worse-for-wear wheelie case behind me to the airport train station, how could I not think fondly about the elegant suitcase John had lent me the week before? Arriving in such a temple of glass and steel, I’m sure the case would have stood out and attracted many an admiring glance. Alas, I couldn’t risk John’s wrath were it never to appear on the luggage carrousel from the hold or arrived slashed and prised open irreparably… Perhaps baggage handlers are the ones to blame for our current affinity with ugly plastic luggage.

© Joseph McGonagle, 2009


One response to “Carrousel

  1. I agree, baggage handlers are the root of such luggage we must endure. I guess I’d rather my suitcase survived the airport terminal and baggage reclaim rather than loosing my belongings inside, after all; we do not wear our suitcase.

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