Culdaff, Donegal, 9 August, 2009

Departure (1), 7 September, 2009

And so the case is about to depart on the next stage of its journey, via its owner. It’s my final week with the case, although its presence will linger in my mind long after its stint in Manchester is over. Rather than store it away in a room upstairs behind a closed door, the case has now remained by the front door in my hallway since June and given me much food for thought. I now realise why: during all this time in between my travels it has been the first thing I have seen every time I returned home. I’m actually going to miss it.

I’ve neglected to write any notes on the time I spent with it between arriving back from Algiers and now, when the case had to travel mentally with me as I went on family holidays to Italy and Ireland in August. Instead I offer John some photos from Donegal, mostly taken on the rare days when it didn’t rain.

Image & Text © Joseph McGonagle, 2009


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