About Left Luggage

An empty suitcase lent for a month each to a series of collaborators. Each one fills the suitcase with objects of their choice and according to the following terms:


At the end of the month, the photographer’s collaborators invite him to a location of their choice, where they are photographed and interviewed.

The idea for the project was sparked when the photographer’s mother gave him his grandfather’s monogrammed leather suitcase. For several months it sat empty by the photographer’s desk, like an absent presence by his side.

The photographer knew that the suitcase had travelled around the world with his grandfather, who was a sea captain with the Greek merchant navy. Why should it not continue on its travels as a tribute to the memory of Captain John Perivolaris, whose birthday coincided with that of the photographer?

Left Luggage is a subjective exploration of migration. For one of the photographer’s collaborators, Parvati Nair, the project is about ‘reusing our memories, reusing the knowledge we carry with us, reusing the images we have.’ In short, this a project about regenerating the past and projecting it into a future made meaningful in the transit. A large proportion of the collaborators join the photographer in representing the coming-of-age of a postcolonial generation of British artists, photographers, and intellectuals of immigrant origins. It is to a large extent they who have placed the exploration of migration and diaspora at the centre of contemporary art practice and academic research.

Left Luggage is the work of John Perivolaris, an independent documentarian.

If you would like to participate in Left Luggage, please contact John Perivolaris (johnperivolaris@icloud.com)


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