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Trader, Jardin des Tuileries, Paris, April 2008

Perhaps tomorrow

my children

will grow old

awaiting my return

From`I Still Have Time’, written in Peshawar City by Partaw Naderi and translated by Sarah Maguire and Yama Yari (© The Poetry Translation Centre, 2000, 2008).


Native? Immigrant? Cosmopolitan? Expatriate?

Dinu replies to my e-mail asking whether he considers himself a native, immigrant, cosmopolitan, or expatriate:

 `I don’t consider myself a native. I feel I am somewhere in-between an immigrant and a cosmopolitan – the former more so when I am in the UK, whilst the latter when I travel around making work.

As for expat – this is something I’d like to claim. As I have got older, I am wondering why I am never called an expat, and only ever called an immigrant. This feels unwelcoming. The fact is, I have what I consider a nice house, I have a white girlfriend, I have nice trips all over the country and sometimes I like getting drunk in town. This is more or less the lifestyle I see other expats living, wherever in the world I see them.’