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Photograph of Maria Teresa Dorigo (1949) (Verso), Inscribed by Her with the Handwriting and Uncertain Memory of Old Age

By inheriting the photographs of our parents, time plays its trick on us through a mortal reversal of roles. With the passing of years, we witness the transformation of our parents into our children and of us into their parents.


Photograph of Maria Teresa Dorigo, Trafalgar Square, 1949

Dear Lucy,

This photograph confirms that there is no such thing as coincidence. A mise en abyme if ever I saw one since, in the photograph I made of you, you are standing in front of the very wall that appears in the background of your mother’s picture.

All best,


La sua gente

A bitter-sweet commemoration of her mother’s life, Lucieta remembers choosing the suitcase in which, a few years ago, she returned her mother’s ashes to Venice and `la sua gente’.

Venetian Trousseau

The trousseau Lucieta’s mother brought with her to England.

Behind the National Gallery, 18 March 2010

Special Feature (1): Video Interview with Joseph McGonagle, The Holy Name Church, Manchester, 11 September, 2009

Interview with Joseph McGonagle, The Holy Name Church, Oxford Road, Manchester, 11 September, 2009 from John Perivolaris on Vimeo.

Cimetière chrétien de Bologhine, Algiers, 7 July,2009

Original Image © Joseph McGonagle, 2009
Processing & Image Interpretation © John Perivolaris, 2009