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New Blurb Book Edition of Left Luggage Now Available


Photograph of Maria Teresa Dorigo, Trafalgar Square, 1949

Dear Lucy,

This photograph confirms that there is no such thing as coincidence. A mise en abyme if ever I saw one since, in the photograph I made of you, you are standing in front of the very wall that appears in the background of your mother’s picture.

All best,


La sua gente

A bitter-sweet commemoration of her mother’s life, Lucieta remembers choosing the suitcase in which, a few years ago, she returned her mother’s ashes to Venice and `la sua gente’.

Venetian Trousseau

The trousseau Lucieta’s mother brought with her to England.

Behind the National Gallery, 18 March 2010

A New Blurb Book Edition Has Just Been Published

A Chance Return? 26 October, 2009

As I write these final words, it’s been six weeks since the suitcase returned to its owner, but I now realise that a small trace of it has never left. When sifting through a pile of papers untouched since June, the suitcase unexpectedly makes a return: a final Polaroid I took of it upon its arrival at my home falls out from a book’s pages.

So this memento of the suitcase will remain with me in its stead. But would it not be unkind not to let this, albeit virtually, also travel? I send a scan of it to John and can but wish it bon voyage.

Image & Text © Joseph McGonagle, 2009